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A Brayli is an alien. Starting off with the way her name is spelled, well, that’s just one of the many unique things about her. She’s a red head who acts like a blonde but you still love her. She’s so overprotective of her friends, some of which she considers her family, that she would kill for them. She’s very hard to understand and few try to. If you try then there’s no going back. You’ll fall in love with how sweet and gentle she is. You’ll fall in love with how innocent and scared she is. Everything about her makes you love her and she’s a blessing to have in your life.
You’re an amazing musician, you must be a Brayli”

“You’re so smart and sweet, you’re definitely a Brayli”
by Lilo22304 May 11, 2018
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The cutest couple ever. Even if they fight they will get over it and love each other again. They have the best friends ever including maryjane Dwayne jazmine walter darby kadence karman mariah Dominik and many more who will always be there for them.
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