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The sweetest guy on this planet. Not only does his heart touch others, he is a honest man with confidence that can’t be taken away. With a smile that radiants brighter than the sun. Braylen is a handsome, well-rounded individual in which everyone loves.
Man when we donated to charity I felt like such a Braylen.
by Cheddar head January 22, 2018
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slick with girls, knows how to get in her pants, and loves a good fuck. he is mildly athletic but he has a killer body, usually his ass or arms are the best feature. even though hes straight, he still gets head from all his friends because he is so irresistible.
look at his ass.
hes a braylen alright!
by mcnigget September 30, 2010
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A fat bitch who dont know shit who spends all his money on v bucks and shares his password.

Ways to spot a braylen: he is a fatass with lots of chins and greasy hair
I can tell that guy is a braylen
by Cr1ppeled K1d Ki11a March 10, 2019
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THE MIST DOWN TO EARTH GAL YOULL EVER MEET. Doesn’t drag anyone into their problems and is very reliable. Very wholesome. MOST spirited and passionate about what they love. ALL the boys chase her, but no boy will ever match the fantasy in her head.
by Quin130 March 03, 2019
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A broke ass darkskin that aint gonna ever be Shit He dusty asf and dont have $1 in his pocket rn he suck at all sports and typically thinks he is a dog but fails at every female he talks too
Braylen is a dusty ass bitch
by Mrswagg$$$ March 14, 2017
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One of the nicest boys out there, he is superrr smart and athletic. He always knows how to cheer people up and makes them smile. When you look into his eyes your heat melts. You cant comprehend how amazingly attractive he, and how he is sooo sweet no matter how mad he is. He is also very shy but knows what he wants. When he gets to know you that mast comes right off. If you ever meet him don’t let him go
Girl: my heat melts when I see Braylen

Other girl: mine too🥵
by Gkjbyukk April 14, 2019
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