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The people that made this game probably spend more money on their shitty advertisements than the actual game itself.
Mobile Strike is bad in general. In fact, I've been to funerals more fun than it.
by GunnyMan4 October 10, 2016
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One of the three protagonists in Grand Theft Auto V. He's black, and used to live in the hood as a Families member with his aunt, and later moved to Vinewood Hills.

He's willing to find ways to wealth, and there are things that seem to be unintentionally racist.
First of all, he's the only one that knows how to pick a lock of a car.
Also, He's the only one who can't play tennis.
He sometimes hangs around with Lamar and does heists with Michael and Trevor.
Franklin Clinton has the option to kill off Michael, Trevor, or choose The Deathwish Ending.
by GunnyMan4 July 19, 2016
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A YouTuber and former Viner best known for his skits that he mostly does alone, often portraying himself as multiple different characters. He is arguably one of the few YouTubers on the platform that is actually funny without trying too hard.
Many of CalebCity’s skits often make fun of commonly used tropes or features in media and/or create a highly exaggerated scenario from certain situations.
by GunnyMan4 April 6, 2020
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1. Dead Nigga Association, according to Kendrick Lamar.

2. An amazing song from Kendrick himself.
1. "Alright class, what does DNA stand for?"
"Dead Nigga Association!"
"What a great way to get suspended!"

2. "I got loyalty, got royalty inside my DNA!"
by GunnyMan4 May 11, 2017
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A rather unique way to express distaste, disappointment, or just to say bullshit, especially said by Franklin Clinton.
"Do you have any copies of that book?"
"I'm sorry, but we're all sold out."
"Bitchass bullshit."
by GunnyMan4 July 15, 2016
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While Disney has Donald for their duck character, Warner Bros. decided to make a cousin for him, and thus Daffy Duck was born.
by GunnyMan4 August 4, 2016
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When a super-perverted fangirl of anime/manga thinks it's "cute and adorable" to write a fanfic about their favorite characters having sex with each other in the most graphic way possible.
Guy: What are you reading?

Perverted fangirl: I think it's cute reading about them have sex with each other!

Guy: WTF man?! Why are you reading a lemon fanfic?

Pereverted fangirl: STFU, the author worked hard on this story, can't you see?

Guy: I've lost faith in humanity.
by GunnyMan4 August 20, 2016
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