A small 2 stroke vehicle such as a minibike, motorized bike, go cart. Named a brapper because of the characteristic 2 stroke sound = brapapapa
wow that lil brapper is brappin!
by PHATRIPPER June 14, 2019
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This is a fun loving, thrill seeking, most awesome group of snowmobiliers..
Do u see them super cool brappers in the field over there? When i grow up i wanna be a brapper too...they are sooo awesome...
by TCAT PSYCHO March 08, 2017
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boys in high school who smell like dirt and do bad in every class...even gym. They go upstate to get high and have incorrect english. They wear work boots purposely covered in mud and drive pick up trucks. Most refuse to remove their stupid fitted hats so they keep them in their hoods. All are obnoxious and tend to "brap" throughout the halls. They would all fail in life, but most are born into wealthy families.
Eric: "I fucking hate those kids over there"

Joe: "Who the loud ones who keep "brapping" and all look like steel workers"

Eric: "Yup"

Jeff: "Those stupid fucking brappers"
by TheFootballOracle October 30, 2009
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Brappers are people, usually ranging from the age of 15 to mid 40's that drive snowmobiles like its the only thing going on in the world. They don't have a lot of friends, only those who also share the brapping hobbie. They travel in large packs of maybe 16. They tend to drive across ice on lakes. We all hope that they die a slow painful death, after falling through. I hate nothing more then the sound of these fucking machines going by my house on a saturday morning, awaking me.
" hey ben, do you hear that?"

" fuck alexi, its those fucktard brappers...screw my life."
by alfresh January 29, 2009
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