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a person who only wears brand name clothes(aeropostale, abercrombie and fitch) many times mistaken for a prep
girl:does that girl wear anything else beside hollister and abercrombie?

girl2:i don't think so.She is a brander afterall
by omgimsohyper July 27, 2009
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The name for a major deity in some small tribal east african religions.
Bro, im tweakin i think Brander might smite me.
by ccc725 August 02, 2010
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a bitch who brands every man she has slept with so she can keep track of her work
that chick is such a brander, look what she did to Matt.
by Anonymous Soviet May 16, 2009
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A person who, when explaining something or telling a story, describes things using brand names when it is entirely pointless to do so. Typically some pathetically sad individual who feels the need to let everyone know she is "elite" or "successful" by implicitly informing them that he or she only uses/possesses the more expensive, top-of-the-line items.
Brander: "my dog just knocked over my Columbia water bottle!"

Brander: "I cleaned out the trunk of my Lexis."
by PingPONG March 07, 2012
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