Someone who brakes his or her car for no apparent reason. This person could be driving in front of you, or, God help you, may be the driver of the car in which you are currently driving.
TOM: (yelling out the window of his car) Hey! What are you braking for? There's nothing in front of you! Come on! Move it!
SAM: Tom, he's just a random braker, dude. His first instinct is to brake. They suck...
by Christophe Graham July 19, 2006
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driver who continuously hits his brakes with absolutely nothing in front of him. May be associated with obsessive/compulsive disorder.
I would have been at the titty bar an hour earlier if I could have rammed the phantom braker in front of me off the road.
by Ya Momz May 03, 2005
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Some bad ass who used to hate on mrbossftw for the right reasons and could murder someone with simple words
Hey do you remember Jamal Braker? That dude was savage!
by J.Braker April 14, 2021
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Really gay kid with ripped abs that is bad at high jump
I went to the track meet and saw like three brakers he is such a braden
by Band kid May 15, 2017
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