5 definitions by Ya Momz

driver who continuously hits his brakes with absolutely nothing in front of him. May be associated with obsessive/compulsive disorder.
I would have been at the titty bar an hour earlier if I could have rammed the phantom braker in front of me off the road.
by Ya Momz May 03, 2005
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a big toothed boricua, usually wearing bright red lipstick, with dark lipliner
Wow, did you see the ass on that boricuda?
by Ya Momz May 03, 2005
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a person who likes to make up stories about other people to raise his own social status. Also has a tendency to steal from friends, and deny it, even with overwhelming proof of his guilt.
My credit is fucked up because that bazooie used my calling card to ring up $1500 in calls to his fat girlfriend.
by Ya Momz May 03, 2005
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fraternity type Hoboken, NJ resident who wheres hockey jerseys, pours pitchers of beer on his friends, and uses lame ass pick-up lines; always goes home after last call with other homobokens.
The homobokens stopped at the 24 hour CVS to buy Astroglide after the bars closed.
by Ya Momz May 04, 2005
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