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A GTA YouTuber who makes 10 minute videos about nonsense and puts 3 adds in for every 10 minutes and is an expert at making click bait thumbnails
Friend: Hey do you watch MrBossFTW?
Me: Hell no! I'm not watching his click bait videos for nonsense!
by BIP30 January 02, 2017
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MRCLICKBAITSUCKMYCOCKFTW is Gay Queerbait Sucking Plenty of Dicks for Views Plus his Blow up doll is Donald Trump! He's Constantly Stealing Content scripts from Other Youtubers and not giving Anyone else Credit! Plus using Google Search for his Fake Business! He was never Creative
MRQUEERBAITFTW Aka James Ross Hudgins AKA MRBOSSFTW is a Queerbait Sucking Plenty of Dicks Compulsive LIAR Nobody can believe anything this guy says
by DP15 June 28, 2018
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