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A story with a punchline. Used to tease the brain and produce laughter.
John: Bill looked in the mirror. He didn't see his own reflection but someone else's. He was not surprised or worried. What was going on?
Blake: I don't know, what?
John: Bill was looking at a photo!
Blake: Haha! That was a cool brain teaser!
by eeguurl March 09, 2015
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A brain teaser is getting your brain teased...obviously.
If you dont have the imagination to determine wat a brain teaser is, then youre officially stupid.
person:brain teaser!!!
idiot:wats a brian teaser?
person:your dumb
idiot:i know...
by shaggy 2 dope September 30, 2006
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While receiving a blowjob, the man pulls out and blows his load up the blower's nose, then screams, "That will give you something to think about!"
Sarah dumped Jim after he gave her a brain teaser.
But I thought she liked puzzles...

by Billy Jenkins December 16, 2007
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