A Bragiole is an attractive female you may or may not know and see in a public setting. Coming from the Italian word "Braciole," which is a common Sunday dinner meat, Bragiole is a way of showing appreciation for any good looking female. You may use this when talking with the boys!
Ayyyy, Bragiole!!

Yo Johnny, you going to see that bragiole tonight?

That Bragiole is Class !
by DK2019 March 4, 2019
Bragiole is an Italian meat roll, made from flank steak & seasoned with garlic, finely ground black pepper, Italian parsley, garlic salt, garlic pepper, and shredded pecorino/romano cheese, all rolled up and fried in hot oil, for addition to tomato gravy. (Some call it tomato sauce, but since you use the dripping from the fried meat to make the tomato "sauce", it's now "gravy".
Marilyn:Hey Roy! What's good with your man Klaus...he's kinda cute! Can you introduce?
Roy: Sure I can....but it might be a waste of your time!
Marilyn: What do you mean?
Roy: Klaus won't be interested in you....He likes to smoke the bragiole!
by Urban Millz February 8, 2011