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Soft Leather Slouchy Boots that should not be worn by men.
In the 80's groups like Menudo and Debarge were often seen in effeminate clothing...especially Juevo Boots
by Urban Millz November 22, 2010
The blur you see in most asian porn. Covering the genitalia of the participants in said porn causing frustration to the "user".
I was about to get to know myself using some asian porn....couldnt even get hard. The Asian blur was tooo serious.
by Urban Millz August 27, 2014
Marilyn:Hey Roy! What's good with your man Klaus...he's kinda cute! Can you introduce?
Roy: Sure I can....but it might be a waste of your time!
Marilyn: What do you mean?
Roy: Klaus won't be interested in you....He likes to smoke the bragiole!
by Urban Millz February 8, 2011
The Annoying blurriness that is used to cover up the small asian beefs in Japanese Porn! They blur out the snatch so they don't have to explain blurring out the 3 inch beef hors d'oeuvres the Japanese male is about to serve the female! Very annoying as in prevent the true porn connoisseur from truly enjoying the Asian snatch!
Yo Sir Boges, I was enjoying myself watching some Japanese porn until the Asian Blur wet noodled me, I had to switch it up and turn on some Rocco Siffredi! Now that is some grown man shit right there!
by Urban Millz June 23, 2011
Sports related term...when your team is getting blown out to point of no return, or something so out of the ordinary happens causing your team to lose. It's as if they were gang raped by the police with nightsticks! (As in the Abner Louima case) also applicable in non sports phrasing.
Hey did you see how the Giants lost that game to the Eagles on that Desean Jackson punt return? Yeah....They got Louima'd....some real stick in the butt type shit!
by Urban Millz December 22, 2010
A set of Tits...a monstrous ass...or any other part of the female body you have seen in porn vids or pictures that demands masturbation. Especially if said video/picture can be "USED" multiple times for viewing pleasure.
Dude did you see the monstrous clit on that Armenian stripper in that video? Going home to download that.....will be used as a WMT?

WTF is a WMT?

(WMT's:WEAPONS OF MASS TURBATION!) Im gonna pull a muscle jerkin my beef to this!

WMT's: Weapons of Mass Turbation..Huge tits,Huge ass, lovely clit....anything you can wack off to.
by Urban Millz July 18, 2012