A person who tends to have a three second memory like a gold fish. They will make you repeat yourself 50 times if need be. They get distracted very easily by shiny objects. Tends to be a snob that only likes "shiny" things: yetis, Denalis, Columbia shirts, PFG, snobby jeans, nothing knock off. Tends to run out of fuel, ignore the low air gauge for tires, because what vehicle needs any of that! Leaves to go places while forgetting their wallet often. Extremely impulsive buyer: buys vehicles online that are across the country, buys boats with out test driving them, and animals in other states. Enjoys walking away in mid conversation or talks phone calls while the other person is mid sentence. Extremely sarcastic and can make dead baby jokes at inappropriate times. However, he is the kind of person that will give his shirt off his back to take care of someone else. Don't worry, he will forget that he gave it to you!
by Ipulledabrady August 09, 2019
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He has a major ween which prohibits him from procreating
Brady couldn’t make kids.
by Urban master107 May 18, 2018
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Brady is a little kid wit a 2 cm penis, he only likes dat gay shit. But he is often smart and good at sports. but thinks he’s the shit. Can’t nut and is albino but you know he’s pretty sick.
Brady is so smart.
by 8638538538538 December 18, 2018
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The type of guy that is very attractive and has the most pretty blue eyes and is smart enough to get him into any university
Ooh look at that Brady he is so dreamy
by Coolboybilly421 November 21, 2018
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Usually a Cool and Athletic person. He loves to play sports and knows everything about them. Brady has plenty of friends no matter where they are from. He also has a SSUUPPEERR THICC Booty.
Ronald:Did you see Brady he is Thicc asf!
McDonald: Yeah he has so many friends bc of his Booty.
by TateMartellistheGOAT October 22, 2019
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Brady the whitest guy you will meet
would you stop being a no good brady
by fuckyomamascouch February 10, 2018
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He is a fellow that has a cat named cora, cora is loved by all. Brady has exactly curly hair. Wiggity wack ain't it?
Fellow 1: did u see cora?
Fellow2: yea i heard she's owned by a brady.
by Theknowerofthings2 November 30, 2020
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