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Whenever there is a heated discussion or debate about the merits of the Catholic Church (usually on the internet), the probability of someone mentioning the Clergy Sex Abuse Scandal increases. Similar to Godwin's Law, Brady's Law is invoked when the discussion about the Catholic Church gets heated, and instead of someone having an actual argument, someone in the discussion (who is usually strongly against the Catholic Church) brings up the clergy sex abuse scandals in an effort to pain the Catholic in a negative light, without actually trying to really address his arguments. Named after Cardinal Brady from the Ireland Sex Abuse Scandals, Brady's Law is invoked usually when the discussion or debate about the Catholic Church becomes more and more heated, the probability of someone invoking the sex abuse scandals increases.
Catholic: I believe that that the Catholic Church has done a lot of good in the world. I believe the Catholic Church is the true Church started by Jesus Christ himself.

Anti-Catholic: Are you fucking kidding me? That's bullshit! The Catholic Church covers for kiddie fuckers and pedophiles! Just look at the clergy sex abuse scandals! There's no way that would make it the Church started by Jesus Christ!

Third party: Oh great! Brady's Law has been invoked. -_-
by RomanMissalExegete July 01, 2012
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