An improbable victory attained by default; achievement only made possible by the stupidity/clumsiness/misfortune of others.
Etymology: In the 2002 Winter Olympics men's 1000m Speed Skating final, a stumble caused the four leading men to collide in a tangle of arms, legs and blades. Australian Steven Bradbury came from behind and coasted past his fallen competitors to win his country's first ever Winter Olympics gold medal.
Crikey! He's done a Bradbury!
by Ryan Chisholm May 25, 2005
To win as a result of miraculous circumstances, despite being in a losing position. Especially in the case of sporting triumph. Not to be confused with "homer".

Comes from Australian speed skater Steven Bradbury's win in the 1000m at the 2002 Winter Olympics when every other skater crashed on the last corner.
Guy: Holy shit. You were coming last and yet won the race when every other car was involved in a massive pile-up.

Driver: Looks like I just pulled a bradbury.
by HumphreyB May 3, 2006
1. to claim as your own without necessarily having rights to the object in question

2. to dictate the status or condition of a certain situation

3. to take charge
1. He bradbury'd the remote control during the football game

2. He left the lights on all night despite his roommates grumbling; he is such a bradbury

3. He bradbury'd the meeting
by SAO Biotch October 12, 2010
To Bradbury, in need of adding more words, yet not working for it in a story or book, by using many synonyms for the word same, and using commas.

Named for Ray Bradbury- and his own style of penning words.
THIS IS AND EXAMPLE - To Bradbury- 'It’ll never end, that’s also chance… is it not, when immortal, memorable, well-known, famous, illustrious, and unforgettable.'
by M. R. Duriez October 15, 2018
Basically its to win a contest as you're last the one standing. Came to phrase after Steven Bradbury's inspirational gold medal at the 2002 Winter Olympics Speed Skating event, when all other contestants crashed out leaving im as the winner!
Robbo was struggling in last place at the Gunamundra Annual Billy Cart race, when a huge bull stormed across the path and stopped, causing the 5 billy carts in front to veer off the track in to the scrub and out of the race. Crowd were cheering "Do a Bradbury" as he crossed the line as the victor!
by White Womble June 22, 2010
the single most badass female character (with the possible exception of Meg) to ever appear on Supernatural. Charlie is a gamer, a Woman of Letters, and a genius. Adopted little sister of the Winchesters. Idolizes Hermione Granger.
SPN fan #1: Man the show is getting way better at representing queer characters!
SPN fan #2: Yeah, it's all thanks to the little ball of badass that is Charlie Bradbury!
by lilybet May 8, 2013
An absolute unit, scariest man alive. Do not approach Lui hell nack u with his bare hands. Type of person to play football usually have small cocks.
by Shhniher June 1, 2020