Pronounced 'brass'. Used to address friends, can be used the same way as the likes of broand homie
Person one: 'Hey bracs, what's up? Have you heard back from Cheryl?'

Person two: 'No way bracs! I ended things with her months ago!'
by Velociraptorfingers July 9, 2016
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A clutter of small toy and/or trinkets. Usually on tables, nightstands, or desks. Looks very messy.
"Look at her desk! It's covered in bric-a-brac. She needs to start cleaning more.
by urbanfvck March 3, 2006
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When a pervert touches a person who is asleep because they can't get anyone who is awake .. A desperate scum bag who needs to be gang bashed by real men and also be touched while he is asleep so he knows what its like
That guy bric a brac that poor chick .. Imma return the favor and bric a brac his ass so he can know what its like .
by Perv stomper man November 9, 2018
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when you fuck a disabled person and they become more disabled as a result
"Oh look its Steven Hawking , time for some Bric-a-Brac."
by mukkaj76 September 28, 2016
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1. the chinese way of saying "ugly black baby"
2. a very ugly person
you- Ayo look at dat girls face

me- she iz a ugree brac babi for sure!
by dezyA March 11, 2008
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