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A law inherent in nature that states that everything that goes wrong in life is all Boyle's fault. It is mathematically represented by the formula Fault = Boyle(pi)^2 / DM, where DM equals the coefficient of Doug Mirabelli, experimentally found by the scientist and religious guru Bhanu Lama to have a value of 5.47 x 10^-3.
Man, I totally flunked that test yesterday. If Boyle hadn't fucked it up, I would've passed. Citing Boyle's Law, I know that it's all Boyle's fault.
by Soulja Boyle July 10, 2008
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In London England, people, for whatever reason, tend to walk on the wrong side of the sidewalk. Everywhere else in the world, people generally walk on the same side of te sidewalk that they drive their car on. Maybe it's because they are so posh. Maybe it's because the Underground, or The Tube (lah-dee-dah!) helps to confuse people by telling them to stand on the right on the escalators while people overtake them on the left, but then in the walking tunnels and bike lanes tell them the opposite. Whatever it is, one London, L. Boyle, caught wind of this from a Canadian and invented a law:

Boyle's Law - walk on the same damn side of the sidewalk you drive on. Cut the shit or you're getting a shoulder.
You dumb bloke, you're walking on the wrong side of the sidewalk! Haven't you ever heard of fuckin' Boyle's Law??
by Yodobr February 21, 2017
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Any amount of liquor or beer consumed is equally proportionate to the amount of liquor or beer that will be urinated onto someone's couch.
According to Boyle's Law, Joe drank four beers and pissed four beers worth of urine onto my couch last night.
by Ashlee V April 14, 2008
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