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When a girl wants to completely degrade a man to the greatest extent, while naked/bottomless, she quickly squats over a man's(or woman's) face forcing her box (vagina) to be pressed up against the man's(or woman's) mouth, thus forcing him or her to perform oral pleasures to the forementioned "box" (vagina). The motion is very swift in order to surprise/force the recipient into munching box.
I guess the girl from the party hadn't gotten her pussy eaten in a while... As soon as we got into the bedroom she box-dropped me before I could even slip on a jimmy. The worst part about the box drop was she had a huge bush.
by ClitCommander39 November 07, 2011
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When a dude is forced to 86 his boxers after what he intended to be a fart turned into something with a bit more substance, namely a shart.

Usually the boxers are shamefully abandoned in bathroom stalls, back alleys or the side of the road.
Dude, I gotta box drop before I start to smell.
by Mandrew the Great February 17, 2009
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When a chick T-Bags a dude.
Last night I was just layin on the couch and then Sarah came in and box dropped me.
by hairynug39 September 20, 2011
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