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(Boo-tahn) noun,verb.: deceiver, liar, prankster, a person who refers to past personal experiences of other people as their own. A Bouton is a clever and mischievous person who offers strong knowledge on a wide range of subject matter with having little to no knowledge of actual importance. Often disguised in tactical gear, because a Bouton is always ready, they are normally seen entering conversations in a military style forward dive roll(without actual training) followed up with inane chatter and useless facts. When encountering a Bouton, one should always be careful not to give too much information as to the topic being discussed, as feeding information to a Bouton is what they survive on. Any recognition that a Bouton exists is a good way to see one come back again, and again. Bouton's are often seen with a high sense of self importance, though it has not been proven. If a Bouton has been spotted, it is good to take notice of it purely for observational studies and field notes. Encountering a Bouton can be extremely dangerous as Boutons are often equipped with a dive knife for shark defense.
by DanNoSalt December 13, 2010
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A bouton is a pre-synaptic bump that forms on an axon of a human neuron. Boutons willfully close the synaptic clef. We store our mind and behavior in boutons.
A bouton is a mental trit (synthetic, not analytic) because each bouton has a piece of will. Boutons are not computer bits but bio-computer trits.
by Gary Deines April 24, 2006
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