Hey Jamie I am going to partake in some rather naughty games at the bouncy house tonight. Would one care to join me?
by mgshears April 30, 2014
a) When a girl's breasts grow suddenly and quickly, especially early in puberty
b) When a woman gets a boob job
Is it true that Chesty Sunnyjugs got her boobs at age 11?
You kidding me?! She swallowed a bouncy house!
by Innuendo Man February 12, 2015
when the clothes come off and you and your someone have some fun 😏
steve: you know know mary and brad were hanging out last night?

robert: yeah I heard they had an extreme bouncy house

steve: woah bro thats dope

robert: yeahhh
by 🌸ur mom🌸 December 1, 2019
while your lady is knocked up(concieved) you fuck her and the baby bounces around.
even though Maggie L. is prego, Warn made her womb an x-rated bouncy house.
by pablooooooooooo November 4, 2009
When a man is laying on his back with his girl and she is riding him cowgirl style under the blankets
Leah and I spent our night in a dark bouncy house
by The whit knight June 14, 2018