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A person on the autism spectrum (usually fairly high-functioning) who uses their condition as an excuse to act like a dick toward literally everyone that crosses their path
Person #1: "OUT OF MY WAY, MORON!"
Person #2: "What the fuck is your problem, man?"
Person #1: "Hey! Don't yell at me, I'm autistic!"
Person #2: "You're an autisdick!"
by Innuendo Man April 10, 2015
1. When a girl who smells like marine life "down under" achieves orgasm

2. A song written in 1951 by Paul Howard Weston and sung by Jo Stafford (can be sung whenever a girl who smells like marine life achieves orgasm)
*when going down on a chick who smells like marine life down below*

Her: "I'm coming! I'm coming!"

You: "Oooooooooooooh.... Shrimp Boats is a-Comin' their sails are in sight! Shrimp Boats is a-Comin' there's dancin' tonight!"
by Innuendo Man June 20, 2014
A thinly veiled insult. Short for "I hereby crown the king of dumbasses"
Nurse: "How exactly did this injury occur?"

Patient: "I skateboarded off the roof of my house and meant to land on the trampoline, but I ended up crashing into the shed instead"

Nurse: "You're the king"
by Innuendo Man June 25, 2015
a) When a girl's breasts grow suddenly and quickly, especially early in puberty
b) When a woman gets a boob job
Is it true that Chesty Sunnyjugs got her boobs at age 11?
You kidding me?! She swallowed a bouncy house!
by Innuendo Man February 12, 2015