3 definitions by 🌸ur mom🌸

a person who said they went to get milk and never came back
other kids: wheres your dad?
me: whats a dad?
by 🌸ur mom🌸 April 19, 2020
literal trash. a community where little kids meet there first “love” and scream and curse at you for no reason. a toxic place where little
9 year olds act tough and cool but cry when their mom yells at them after he used their credit
joe: did you here chad was playing fortnite last night?
sam: yeah he got jumped by some boys too
joe: fortnite is a disgrace to the word
sam: so was chad
by 🌸ur mom🌸 December 1, 2019
when the clothes come off and you and your someone have some fun 😏
steve: you know know mary and brad were hanging out last night?

robert: yeah I heard they had an extreme bouncy house

steve: woah bro thats dope

robert: yeahhh
by 🌸ur mom🌸 December 1, 2019