The lower area or section of a person including their pants. (if they are wearing any ;))
by lolimmacreep;3 March 04, 2012
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The morass that is formed by comment fields on the internet, anywhere. It is a cesspool for people being anonymously vile. The people in the cesspool often seek out things they know they hate, because they get off on being angry and disgusted, and expressing this in lurid terms.
I made the mistake of looking at the bottom half of the internet.
by Wild West January 23, 2018
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With the CDC mask requirements relaxed and state mask mandates repealed, there is surprise, shock and even horror as people begin to experience the actual full-facial appearance of people they've met during the pandemic.
Whoa Nellie! These are some of the most ugly fuckers I've ever seen; pretty eyes, but Damn!

Yeah, a bottom-half reveal can be shocking. It's not too late to file for an annulment.
by YAWA May 25, 2021
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In baseball, a pitch that would normally be called a ball, but because the home team is up to bat with a very large lead, the umpire has widened the strike zone so much so that said pitch is called a strike. The pitch is therefore only called a strike in the bottom half of the inning. See top half ball.
"That pitch was over my head, but we're up by 15 and the ump's calling bottom half strikes."
by bamaster47 March 27, 2009
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When one accidently sharts in their pants and enters the shower with only the bottom half naked to clean the buttocks.
"I had to take a bottom-half bath today because I sharted so hard."
by SeanSean February 08, 2007
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