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A botherina is the term used to define an annoying person who goes around the room bugging people.

Someone you avoid, a night with a botherina.
I hope Becky isn't at the party tonight, she such a botherina.
He is such a botherina! I wish he would just stop fu*king talking already!!
So hard to avoid a botherina like Rene when the room is so small. She's Annoying As Fuck!!
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by YourFatFace February 03, 2018
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A person who is in constant need of attention. Dancing around, spinning and spitting out garbage in hopes that something sticks. A "botherina" is also seen as a performer who is unaware that their time is up and their dragged out performance has become boring or tiring.
"I can't believe that hasbeen is still trying to stir shit up just to get a few likes."
"That botherina is such an attention whore."
"The big botherina over there has been working my last nerve, always bitching about something."
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by JackbeJill May 07, 2018
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A Botherina is a person that talks so much that they forget what they say and only say words that work for them in that moment. A Botherina speaks in ways that are in complete and total contradiction to what they have said or declared in the past.
I can't tell if it is her mood swings, or if she is just a total botherina.
That botherina just talked herself back into lie.

He's a botherina can't trust him.
A botherina lives in different realities, other truths. That is why she is a botherina.
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by GobbleGo September 29, 2018
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