BOTW = Breath of the Wild, a.k.a, the way to any man's heart.

you're welcome, ladies
"Hey, have you played the new Legend of Zelda Game, BOTW?"

"Damn girl, you just went from a 3 to a solid 7! Want to catch a movie later?"
by Hamburglurer June 20, 2017
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Blog of The Week. people hold votes, or do a promo for who they think is blog of the week.
who are you voting for BOTW?
idk but not amy, her posts have been pointless this week LOL
by some dumb slut August 12, 2011
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Bitch Out The Window. This term refers to a rarely seen maneuver in which a male participates in anal intercourse with a female whom is not well liked in front of or near a window. At the conclusion of intercourse, he opens the window and pushes his partner out.

For added fun, a bullseye can be placed on the ground outside the window by which you can judge accuracy, or perhaps even play cricket.
I really don't like Ewebee, someone should give her a BOTW.
by zejanitor November 10, 2005
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omg yhu should have seen that , it was so funny lmao botw .
by bossladieee March 20, 2011
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