3 definitions by Sasquatch Sandwich

What happened to you butthole when you passed out on the ground in the trailer park.
DANG! Maw and Paw and cousin junior sure musta been fracking my butthole all night, cuz I barely made it to my shift at the waffle hut this mornin' on account of my hind-end hurtin' so much, y'all. Praise Jeezus, it stings!
by Sasquatch Sandwich July 6, 2021
The dank, rusty deck locker on the bow where the Bosun gives the cabin boy the ol' N.A.M.B.L.A.
"Show me on the doll where he you touched you". Right there! He shoved his marlinspike up my Fo'c'sle, cap'n!
by Sasquatch Sandwich July 6, 2021
Cautionary folklore character: 7 foot tall cross-dressing ape that drags absent minded boys into his tin shed on the front of a ship and rapes them to death.
"Pay attention to where you are walking Tommy, or the BOSUN will snatch you up and turn your butthole into a "Georgia Rose".
by Sasquatch Sandwich July 6, 2021