Top Public Magnet in the nation. First public secondary school in the nation. Alumni include Hancock, Adams, Kennedy, Thomas Paine, James Bowdoin, Ben Franklin, and many others. Notorious feeder to Harvard College.
A: Where do you go to high school?
B: Boston Latin School
A. Wow you are smart!
B: Thank you. I attribute my intelligence to my teachers and peers at BLS.
by gunner4234 November 21, 2005
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A prestigious examination school located in Boston, MA in the United States. It was the first public school in the U.S., founded in 1635. Originally a male school in which potential Harvard graduates could prepare for college, it was later eliminated its gender restrictions. To enter the school, one must pass the ISEE exam, either in 6th grade or 8th grade. Although praised for its contemporary and classical education, as well as for the high test scores students achieve on exams like the SAT, the school has a number of faults. Among them are poor teachers, excessive amounts of work, and most notably its scholarships (limited to the top 5% of one's class). Among the finer things are the excellent teachers, both in personality and in teaching style, an extensive music department, and a number of interesting and fun clubs and extracurricular activities. The school mascot is the wolf, based on the she-wolf in the myth of Romulus and Remus's raising. Boston Latin originally had seen amazing numbers of students being accepted into the highest ranked colleges, by little more than name alone. But in much more recent years, the title of the school will not help one get accepted even into UMASS Boston.
Kid 1: Hey, what school do you go to?
Kid 2: Boston Latin School.
Kid 1: Ha, you fuckin nerd, I go to CM!
Kid 2: Oh, the stereotypical highschool for white kids from West Roxbury, nice.
by Joe521 January 31, 2009
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Apparantly the first school in America, but that's okay. Founded in 1635. Also called BLS. GO WOLFPACK!!!!!!!!!!
Sixth grader: I got accepted to Boston Latin School!
Mom: Wow good job honey it's the first school in the country!
by ebkf May 01, 2005
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A school for 'smart people' whatever that means
Person1: i go to Boston Latin School!
Person2: You must be smart!
person1: what does that mean?
person2: i have no freaking idea
by thedevilintraining January 13, 2011
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Boston's Loser School. More commonly known as BLS. It is known widely for it's horrible sports teams, which is the result of hours upon hours of homework, thus, making any of it's students that bother to do it weak and frail, due to lack of sunlight. Students enter in the 7th grade, happy, hopeful, and ready to go, but leave the 12th grade (if they stay) with nothing to show for it other than a few cheap articles of clothing with BLS and a purple paw on them.
Boston Latin School grad applying for college: "i can totally handle your college, i mean, i did like a TRILLION hours of homework each night, i mean like, thats what colleges want, right?"
by Lol@wolfpack September 25, 2010
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