Abbreviation for "canvas messaging" mostly used by baddie highschool students
Wow Ryan has mad cm game hittin me up in English
by Gravatar February 20, 2014
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CM - abbreviation for the CBS show Criminal Minds.
Person 1: Hey man! What are you doing later, want to hang out?
Person 2: Can't, sorry. I'm watching CM tonight.
by thatperson_ August 03, 2015
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I hope me and we'll be cm Next year

Yeah she's my CM

Are you a CM of Mel
by EnglishNoob June 12, 2016
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child Molester, one who prays on the innocent and weak, especially little boys under the age of eight. Drives a window-less van with duel sliding doors.
Little Johnny was walking home from school when he was abducted and molested by a cM that offered him candy.
by valor November 11, 2003
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