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A bosak is a dude that always gets all the hot chicks and will whoop anyone's ass that even thinks about stepping up.

A bosak will usually have sex with about 39 hot chicks per day. (This is an average figure as bosaks in the US are known to bone upward of 70 hot chicks per day)
As a noun:

That dude was starting to be kind of annoying, until the bosak came up and whooped his ass until he and all of his friend's started crying.


Those 60 hot chicks all look like they've just had a good rogering -- there must be a bosak around.
by Dale Jr August 29, 2008
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A kid or thing that thinks he is the shiznit but in real life just plain old sucks fat wrinkly balls! + he sucks at all game he plays and has a 4 inch peen!!
Man this kid who plays wow is defintly a total bosak all the way.
by micheal doprknob May 21, 2006
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Rectum, asshole, the smelly part of the nether areas!
Dude, wash your smells like a dead RAT!!!!
by phatdave September 28, 2007
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