a baddass that looks so weak until you find out that otsutsuki god power
by naruto gigantamax fan June 11, 2022
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An BNB Anime based in the same world as the famous BNB Naruto That follows his son Boruto
Trying to confess his love to Mitzuki but Kawaki keeps getting in his way.
Person 1: Hey have you seen Boruto
Person 2: nah I only watch peak like JJBA
by FactsOnly please July 4, 2021
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Verb: When a naruto fan is brought to embarrassment by a non-fan confusing boruto and naruto or calling naruto "boruto's dad"
"She likes Naruto, he's from Boruto right?"

"Oh man, I just got Boruto's Dad-ed."
by -bbkk October 12, 2021
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in the boruto anime every one is respecting boruto beaucse of his dad naruto
thats a meme and a slang to say naruto
do you watch boruto's dad?
boruto's dad is my favorite anime
by fagottini September 7, 2017
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The name of Naruto, the 7th Hokage's son who acts arrogant and dislikes his father. He has blonde hair and blue eyes, he wears a Hidden Leaf Ninja Headband and a black tracksuit.
Oh, Hi Boruto Uzumaki.
by mincraftian101 August 4, 2021
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