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A way to say "poop" without using the actual word.
"Uhg I gotta pøøb!"
by -bbkk July 1, 2019
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A person who ships sheith and claims to be a pro shipper, but harasses people who ship things that interfere with Sheith such as Adashi, Curtashi and Klance.
Person 1: Oh, they're pro sheith
Person 2: Are you an anti?
Person 1: No, that means they hate curtashis.
by -bbkk November 18, 2020
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An absolute moron who happens to be equally cute as he is stupid, often engages in illegal activities for the sake of his close friends/lover.
“I met a guy named Hideji yesterday and he was so stupid! But I really enjoyed hanging out with him.”
by -bbkk March 25, 2019
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A human named Lou curled up like an armadillo.
Lou shuffled into a ball shape”

He’s such an armadillou!
by -bbkk March 25, 2019
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Verb: When a naruto fan is brought to embarrassment by a non-fan confusing boruto and naruto or calling naruto "boruto's dad"
"She likes Naruto, he's from Boruto right?"

"Oh man, I just got Boruto's Dad-ed."
by -bbkk October 12, 2021
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Like a hitman, but instead of murdering, the tapman is hired to rape- or tap- that ass.
"I hired a tapman on that bitch curtis."
"Oh really?! You hired the one who lets the wind flow under his cloak and tickle his balls?"

"Yep. That one."
by -bbkk October 3, 2021
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