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To be rude.
To act as if you are superior and attempt to display this superiority by putting others down; making them feel of less worth, When in reality the insults and put-downs are completely ignored because they are boring and dated and they result in neither anger nor amusement just simple mediocrity.

People who are being Boronging usually do so because of their own lack of self confidence; therefore they have a need to make themselves feel important.
InternetToughGuy: Oh look a bunch of Jews!

DoesNotCareGuy: So what were we talking about again, UnamusedGuy?

UnamusedGuy: Well yeah so basically I was just saying, I don't know when my car will be out of the shop yet.

InternetToughGuy: Hey! Didn't you hear me! I called you Stupid Jews!?

DoesNotCareGuy: ...
UnamusedGuy: *Yawn* Boronging...
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