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References an individual possessing an extremely loose and gaping bung hole. Able to be fisted to the elbow with one push and little or no lube. Comes from years of vigorous anal sexcapades.
I hear Carla is into fisting. Is that true?

Yea braaaaahh. It's true but she likes it so much she's a borehole now. So don't expect a snug plug.
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by Eaton Holgoode March 02, 2017
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A personality trait of someone that is extremely boring and rude. A borehole can be identified by his lethargic movements and token black shirt with blue jeans. It's diet consists of bagels and cheese and prime rib burgers. Boreholes have been known to speak at a slow rate and take extra time in getting their point across. Example of word use "My socials teacher is such a borehole!"
My socials teacher is such a borehole!
by boreholetest November 24, 2016
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A borehole is a place where going there just plain sucks. (boring as shit, hense... Borehole)
You guys are really going to John's house? That place is a complete borehole. He doesn't condone "drinking to much" or weed
by Fox Vulpes Thing June 01, 2016
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