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The act of performing cunnilingus on a to-drunk-to-bang girl while she is semi-conscious. The to-drunk-to-bang male performing cunnilingus only does this because of his inability to stay erect.
Girl: Why am i hungover and not wearing panties?
Boy: Bitch you got Boozied!!
by txchica December 08, 2010
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when one consumes a large amount of booze in any variation and becomes very inebriated off of any type of hard liquor; ie. vodka, tequila, etc.
1) adj. "I drank sooo much vodka tonight. I'm boozied."

2) noun. "Dude, you shouldn't have taken those extra 151 shots, you're a total boozie!"

3) vb. "It's already 1 A.M and I'm bored. Want to go boozie?"
by Tracy Carpenter December 30, 2005
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