Booty meat is the flesh that gives the ass it's wonderful (or hideous) shape.

The part of the ass that creates the canopy for the back of the thighs.
Man, look at the booty meat on Vida Guerra
by DarkLordMurph November 18, 2004
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possibly the stupidest way of describin a broad with a nice ass, booty was better, came from the song booty meat by soulja boy
girl shake dat booty meat
dat booty meat
dat booty meat
dat booty meat
by arabthug121 August 23, 2007
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meat on rear end; the extra flesh that is on your buttox.
The hoe had alot of booty meat.
Damn! Thats alot of booty meat.
by breez1 May 03, 2008
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A sexy chick with either a nice ass or wearing a small outfit. Commonly found at gyms, clubs, bars, and Las Vegas. WARNING: accompanied by chlamydia or a “baby daddy” if seen outside of gyms.
Dustin is standing at the bar and a girl wearing a mini skirt and a tube top walks in all sexy like.

Dustin: "Look at that booty meat"

Josh: "Why are you talking to me..."
by Jro Yettie March 31, 2009
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