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The excessive use of idioms, capitalization, and punctuation intended soley for the purpose of hearing one's own voice and/or admiring one's own literary proficiency.
Boothism In conversation: "At any rate, the long and the short of it is that we just have to figure out how this happens."

Boothism In writing: " The long and the short if it is that I have no update yet (just arrived and checked). Do you have an update from TODAY (ie., Friday in Greece) AFTER she had the day to re-examine, determine problem (i.e. issue and availability), etc?
by JanitorialTeam March 01, 2010
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1. Putting down other people's ideas solely on the basis that they are not your own.

2. Ignoring a glaring problem to opine on a mundane detail on a subject for which you have no business being involved.
1. I did NOT come up with that solution, it is GARBAGE.

2. Man #1: Help me get these kids off the bridge before it falls?

Man #2: Did they use water based paint for the hand rails on that bridge? An oil based paint should have been used, it provides superior performance in an outdoor environment. What moron used a water based paint?

Man #1: Boothism 101.
by Superdragout February 02, 2010
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The ability to provoke hatred in others simply by being yourself.
Man, that dude excels at Boothism. Makes me wanna Booth his ass.
by John Rotton January 19, 2004
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An expression of the unshakeable opinion that you are the best at an endevour and that everone else has the skills of an asthmatic rat. The user of such a an expression can not be dissuaded from this opinion especially by logic.
I head on over to your server when i wanna feel good about myself by thrashing n00bs
by TheRev January 13, 2004
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