The act of two or more people relentlessly kicking an individual with steal toe boots.
"If we see that pedophile back in our neighborhood he will be warmly welcomed with a boot party."
by Dick Fitzwelllll March 15, 2017
several skinheads teaming up on other individual(s) and kicking their ass.
If jesse jackson ever comes down to the southside, he will get the boot party of the century.
by southsiiiiide December 5, 2003
nothing skin head related. nothing nazi related. nothing of the sort. just my boot, slamming down on your fat ignorant head, and cracking it wide open.
you keep flapping your fat fucking lip and i am going to find you and have a boot party on your head, asshole.
by anonymous September 11, 2005
This is something that nirt-nirts do when they are done mud running.Usually stand around with big rubber boots and drink miller beer. They tend to brag about the boots too!
See my boots they are as "bad" as my nirt-nirt truck.This is on fucking kickass boot party!
by crazymama August 6, 2006
A spectacular ass kicking, on the part of several assailants, usually delivered when the target (or targets) are at a point of extreme confidence and feeling invincible, therefore being utterly humiliated.
Wow, the Yankee's just gave the Sox a Texas Style Boot Party.

Jed thought he would get away with calling Brandy a skank, but her boyfriend and her husband treated him to a Texas Style Boot Party...
by Stoutwalker April 18, 2010
metaphorical footwear that indicates an individuals willingness or intent to engage in festive behavior or activities.
Shane has his party boots on and is ready to hit the club.
by DJ Shortbus February 3, 2010
The black, cumbersome, attention grabbing boot most commonly found around the ankles of sorority girls. There's usually a spike in sightings at the beginning of the week, the day following a big sporting event, after a major or minor holiday, etc.
"There had to have been at least a baker's dozen of new party boots in my 8:00am class, all of which were accompanied with college voice .
by BORFJTR April 5, 2011