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The act of two or more people relentlessly kicking an individual with steal toe boots.
"If we see that pedophile back in our neighborhood he will be warmly welcomed with a boot party."
by Dick Fitzwelllll March 14, 2017
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several skinheads teaming up on other individual(s) and kicking their ass.
If jesse jackson ever comes down to the southside, he will get the boot party of the century.
by southsiiiiide December 05, 2003
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A term usually used by White Power Skinheads when a person is being beaten using their steel toe boots. They will kick simultaneously upon the victim inflicting a great deal of pain.
"Gather round and join in. Break his jaw and crack his chin. Watch his teeth fall on the floor. Smash his head against your toe! BOOTPARTY!" Intimidation One - Bootparty
by 88 August 27, 2006
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nothing skin head related. nothing nazi related. nothing of the sort. just my boot, slamming down on your fat ignorant head, and cracking it wide open.
you keep flapping your fat fucking lip and i am going to find you and have a boot party on your head, asshole.
by anonymous September 11, 2005
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an awsome party where it is a time to invite minorities and say thank you for being you.... with boots
tyrone: hmmm.... those guys have awsome shaved heads and doc martins. but why do they have white laces. I might have to go over there and ask.

skinhead: lets go have a bootparty on that nigger peice of shit!!!!!!!

tyrone: Why are they all running over to me?? is this a party??? Why are they yelling 1488??? ill ask

you can tell where this ends up
by angrywhiteamerican December 02, 2009
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This is something that nirt-nirts do when they are done mud running.Usually stand around with big rubber boots and drink miller beer. They tend to brag about the boots too!
See my boots they are as "bad" as my nirt-nirt truck.This is on fucking kickass boot party!
by crazymama August 05, 2006
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