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Low Carb and No Sugar Monster© Energy Drink (the white one)

Popularized by the 30 year old boomer meme
Boomer Juice is typically consumed by an obese Kyle or a Baby Boomer.
by FluffyTtheTurtle October 10, 2019
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A colloquial term for cold energy drinks. The name refers to the instantaneous "boom" of energy from the mixture of sugar, caffeine, and taurine a person feels after consuming the drink. Often used to refer to Red Bull, Monster, V, and Mother.
Example 1:
Will's LAN party had a severe lack of boomer juice, causing the attendees to quit Minecraft for the night and go to sleep.

Example 2:
Adam ascertains that the best boomer juice is the white cans of Monster, and to be honest, he has a point.
by 44 tic tacs January 06, 2019
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Carbonated drinks usually drank but the boomer gen to be "healthy"
Today I saw my mom go to the store and buy her boomer juice.
by Stegosaurx January 05, 2020
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