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A phrase made popular by a pro gamer named FPS Doug on the internet series Pure Pwnage. FPS Doug says "Boom, headshot" everytime he shoots an opponent in the head in Counterstrike Source or any first person shooter type game.
n00b: OH NO, It's FPS DOUG!!!

- FPS Doug shoots n00b in the head -

by Andrew1 August 23, 2005
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Describes a situation that occurs when a small aerodynamic metal projectile traveling at very high velocity makes contact with the cranium of a human being causing instant and extremely prejudicial trauma to the contents therein, typically causing a new orifice to open on the opposite side to the entrance of said projectile thus exploding the contents thereof out of it with great force.
1: "Would you like some Grey Poupon?"
2: "Why yes I believe I would..." <SPLATTER>
1: "Oh my!"
3: Sniper "BOOM! HEADSHOT!"
by UrbaneSophisticate February 22, 2011
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A term often used after having achieved blasting a target in the head of a targeted player in a First Person Shooter video game. If your a pompus ass and decide to use it out loud, you may choose to broadcast it through voice comm. software to your teammates. Or it can be sent to the other players in game through the typing of the keyboard keys and putting the letters on the computer machine monitor screen.
BOOM HEADSHOT, BOOM HEAD SHOT. I could dance all day, I could dance all day, try n' hit me, try n' hit me, come on! BOOM HEADSHOT YAAAAA!
by The S.S. Inu August 07, 2005
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Often used whilst playing a death defying game of CS:Source, when you get a headshot you say: BOOM! HEADSHOT. Often used by FPS Doug.
Player: Damn, he shot me.

(quote)FPS Doug:"My heart's beatin, my heart's beatin, my hands are shakin, my hands are shakin, but i'm still shootin, it's like BOOM!HEADSHOT, BOOM!HEADSHOT, BOOM!HEADSHOT, BO-OM!HEAD-SHOT!"


by miccadoin September 05, 2006
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The sudden occurace of someone or somethings head beeing removed by a high calaber round.
* im going to try and spot the sniper
* dude dont
(looks out and get splatered)
* "boom head shot"
by TheJackle February 06, 2010
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A new, recently coined definition.

It means you have achieved a headshot, so it makes since to shout it as loud as possible after ejaculateing on someones face.
Girl: Ewww... That really killed the mood...
by dragono July 08, 2006
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