A declaration used when a person does something that they think was amazing while everyone else knows it was practically a miracle.

can also be used as a verb "to boom bitch" as in the act of doing something so stupidly surprising - or as an adjective to describe something miraculous
Kosta Koufus went up for a shot and was totally rejected, but the shot went in anyhow. He was so pleased with himself that he ran down the floor exclaiming Boom Bitches!
by moeville April 30, 2010
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What one may exclaim after doing something that humiliates another person. It may also be said after completing a task someone deemed impossible.
You just got your ass kicked! BOOM BITCH!
by Paul9 June 20, 2007
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Someone with a very average knowledge and and understanding of songs and musical terms but is always the one playing the music. This person is fine until you encounter his control over the music on multiple occasions. He would play the same songs and name the genre pretending to have a deep understanding.
Johno is such a boom box bitch. His plaist consists of 10 songs but he always insists on playing his music when we meet up. He also pretends to know his stuff about music but he actually doesn't know anything.
by kivifr December 24, 2015
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A woman who lacks any morals and presents herself in a trashy manner.
"Look at this boom bomb bitch on maury. She's testing 16 men for paternity of her 57 kids."

"This ratchet boom bomb bitch just got her pink weave pulled out."
by Luxxe December 05, 2012
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Coined by Michael K of Dlisted, said when someone is dismissed. Usually with shade.
by highartshit August 30, 2015
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