n. An honorific name given to Miami DJ Robert W. Walker by Harry Wayne Casey, "KC" of KC and the Sunshine Band, to thank him for giving Get Down Tonight lots of airtime and launching the Sunshine Band's career.
I'm your Boogie Man
That's what I am
And I'm here to do
Whatever I can
Be it early mornin'
Late afternoon
Or at midnight
It's never too soon
by Dan Weyandt October 17, 2011
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An alias commonly used by Hip-Hop artist, rap superstar, The Mighty Mos Def
"I am the most beautiful Boogie Man..."
taken from "The Boogie Man Song" from Mos Def's 2005 album "New Danger"
by Flaco The Madvillain March 22, 2009
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1. Fictional character/being meant to scare or tease kids and overly sensitive people. Sometimes spelled Boogieman or Boogeyman. Michael Myers in the horror movies Halloween is often referred to as the Boogieman.

2. A horror movie created in 2005 about a supernatural being living in dark closets. A complete flop of a film.
1. (Older kid talking to young kid at school) - ...laughing... "The Boogie Man is gonna get ya little boy...better watch out" ... (kid looking scared and runs).

2. We watched The Boogeyman on Netflix tonight. Seriously that was one lame movie with a BAD ending! Do not waste your time on it.
by Wrigleys Gumchewz July 10, 2014
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n, A famed monster that is entirly made out of teeth. The tooth fairy sells all of her teeth to the Boogie Man, and then he pollishes them, and adds them to himself, and to his collection...
"Eric, the Boogie Man isn't real... Is he???"
by Jimmithy January 26, 2004
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Verb) When someone hocks a loogie on penis and uses it for masturbation
My Girl friend had a cold the other day and she Gave me a boogie man
by StrangerJake August 24, 2010
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A made up monster used to scare little kids
5 year old: Big brother, is the boogie man real?
5 yr old: AHHH *runs like an idiot
by David July 26, 2004
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A monster that waits in a kids room until the lights are out, then proceeds in doing his "business". See monster or ICP
Boogie Woogie Woogie waits under your bed, With a shank, splah!, up through the bottom - ICP
by JoRaPi May 16, 2004
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