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The message, magic and meaning of the world's religions.
Each religion has its own very special Booga Booga.

This religion has better Booga Booga than that religion.

The thing that differentiates this religion from that religion is its Booga Booga.

Pope walks out onto the stage from his Popemobile ... lavishly dressed in expensive robes and donning his Pope hat, rings and jewels ... he is expressing, albeit not in its entirety, the Booga Booga of his Church.
by Loodje van Slooten July 27, 2008
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A way to scare the living piss out of someone in a comedic fashion.
Guy 1: *walks in* Hey, you here dude?
Guy 2: *jumps out of closet* BOOGA BOOGA!
Guy 1: Good Lord i just shit my heart out!
by ShellBullet July 22, 2006
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Way of bringing conversation back into an awkward situation, or at least to end the longest pause of all time. Mostly used when speaking to a person of the same age group, preferably to avoid unwanted explanations as to why you did that. Use moderately as it's working power is greatly reduced the more it is used in the same conversation or with the same person.
Guy 1: "Hey man, Im so tired right now..."
Friend: "Oh yeah, how come?"
Guy 1: "I was getting it on to Backstreet Boys music... I can listen to them forever."
Friend: "..."
Guy 1: "..."
Friend: "BoogaBooga."
Guy 1: "Right on man. BoogaBooga."
by CatDogFace March 31, 2009
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A Roblox game where 6 year old tryhards spend several weeks grinding, just to kill new players and brag how they are better.
Jim: Hey Bill! Want to play some Booga Booga?
Bill: No thanks, there are too many 6 year old tryhards.
by MrBedbugPie November 27, 2018
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