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To be the victim of a significantly heinous act, usually under the influence of alcohol, much like that of Robert Tellez. To be Booed can be a victim of actions such as flashing, sack tapping, sexual intercourse, peer pressured alcohol intoxication, diarrhea, and hospital injuries. To many people in california, it is an honor to be Booed.
Dude, I got Booed really hard yesterday night. I was flashed the goat when I was eating my Wendys. I puked everywhere when I saw it and also cause I got booed by drinking too much!
by Sinishad June 18, 2011
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To make a girl yours, usually involving a cash exchange. Female must be willing to drive a minimum 90 minutes or 75 miles to get boned. Sometimes the man will provide gifts or drugs in lieu of cash.

He booed Jenny for 200 bucks in Aberdeen. She met him there, having driven 2 hours from Alexandria.
by David F. Choy November 25, 2007
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