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To have sex with a female, or in other terms, to get your horn wet. This word is derived from the more commonly used 'boneyard' term.
Man, I really went bone-daddy on my girlfriend lastnight.
by Tetra7077 January 16, 2009
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"Bill Clinton banged out Jennifer Flowers, Monica Lewinsky, and Paula Jones--not to mention Barbara Streisand. The man's a legendary bone daddy"
by Rico Boothman March 23, 2010
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noun, taken from The Nightmare Before Christmas. Can be used in various ways, but is most commonly used in reference to a girl that goes big and is hungover the next day...or just an interchangeable word for friend or whatever else you desire. Synonym to gnar star.
"Let's go bone daddy, you are such a gnar star"
by Julia in down town Denver October 11, 2007
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a slang term for an errection.
Oh man, I've had the biggest bone daddy all day. I need to go home and beat off.
by Carl Enberg, Jr. June 07, 2006
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Nightmare before Christmas: Jack skellington is defined as the REAL bond daddy. He is sexy and boney yet tall and defined. Few people are real bone daddies as it requires literally no skin.
Female 1: "Omg is that Bone Daddy?"
Female 2: "Yes he has the PERFECT figure."
by daddywarbucks1173 March 11, 2018
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