A series of videogames where the main character wields bombs. Originally you fought other characters, However these days you have an adventure mode.
The adventure mode of bomberman is improving in terms of it's graphics.
by Light Joker August 17, 2004
The act of laying a fart on both sides of a person, rendering them immobile and doomed. Can be used as noun or verb. This derives from the action in the video game Bomberman, of laying a bomb on one side of your opponent, running to the other side and laying another one, trapping them between.
#1: Oh dude, I just Bomberman'd Nancy.

#2: Bro, you better not try to pull a Bomberman on me again.
by Skazu March 4, 2010
When you fill a beer bong with half vodka and half beer.
It is called a bomberman because after you do it... you explode
Damn did u see Tom do a bomberman at that party. He was fucked up.
by Jimbo Walker January 29, 2008
(v.) to follow closely behind a person indoors, whilst cropdusting, creating a one-way avenue of toxic gas. Upon reaching their destination, the target friend/enemy will quickly realize the severity of the situation and begin frantically seeking escape from the doomed situation much like a character from the game Bomberman when a trapped character is about to blow up.
Steve was a jerk for insisting I check out his expensive watch collection so when I followed him to his closet I bombermanned him and left him for dead to think about what he'd done.
by Hoodwig November 18, 2010
When you fill a beer bong with half vodka half beer.
Its called a bomberman because after you do it... you explode.
Damn u see dat nigga do a bomberman. Hes gunna be fucked up
by Jimbo Walker January 29, 2008
A person who sells MDMA (ecstasy). The tablets, while more traditionally known as rolls or beans, are being increasing called "bombs."
Psychonaut 1: "Dude, your eyes are nothin' but bigass pupils! You been to see that new bomberman Staci told me about?"
Psychonaut 2: "I am trippin' balls, and tits. These bombs are da bomb."

Psychonaut 3: "This club is lame, wish a bomberman/woman would show up."
by mycophagist November 23, 2009
When a man and a woman really love each other, In an intimate moment shared by both parties, the man looks deep into her eyes. Then he punches her hard in the gut. Her eyes expand as she cries out. The man says "I love you" and she forgives the blow.
"You really like her?"
"Ya, I think I love her."
"Then bomberman that hoe."
by Andrejman October 20, 2007