An anime character from haikyuu!! Volleyball player and part-time baby ( like have you listened to his hey hey hey? ). When he misses one or multiple spikes he get’s into his “emo mode” which is the part of the game he tells his teammate Akaashi ( AGASHHEH ) to not set to him anymore. When he starts to get restless and want to hit the ball, Akaashi sets to him and BAM score!
“Oh, hey! It’s the spiker Bokuto Koutarou from Fukurodani!”
Hey, Hey, Hey!!! It’s Bokuto-san!
by hq_:D May 15, 2020
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Bokuto-ism is a religion where we praise our owl baby Kotaro Bokuto, in this religion we either simp for Bokuto or we kin him
This religion was inspired by kenma-ism. You should follow Bokuto-ism
by Weeb_ss November 2, 2020
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Thicc owl boi that comes up in the second season in haikyuu on the team fukurodani. He is the captain and the ace on fukurodani and he is also in the top five aces in Japan. He also says hey hey hey a lot and is also friends with tetsuro kuroo
Bokuto kotaro: Hey! Hey! Hey!
by Maddie200529 May 13, 2020
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A very loud an energetic person who kins Bokuto from haikyuu! They're very supportive and always have energy. Though they may show it Bokuto kinnies are very hard on themselves and seek approval from others. bokuto kinnies usually come in a pea pod with akaashi kinnies <3
Person 1: Who do you kin from haikyuu?
Person 2: Oh im a bokuto kinnie!
Person 1: i will protext you at all costs
by wahmban January 2, 2021
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A girl named Brianna who's in love with Kōtarō Bokuto from the well-known anime, Haikyū. She likes to play volleyball and she also simps for Ryuk from Death Note. Sadly... she also simps for Meruem from Hunter x Hunter.
Paige: Guys, Brianna Bokuto is spamming the group chat.
Melody: Oh well she's probably talking about "Daddy Ryuk ;)"
by G.Y.Miya December 11, 2020
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Bokuto-ism is a religion where we praise our owl baby Bokuto. In this religion we either simp for bokuto or we kin him
This religion is inspired by kenma-ism. Don’t be afraid to join Bokuto-ism
by Weeb_ss November 3, 2020
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Bokuto Koutaro is a name and it’s scientifically proven that it means ‘Dylan’s Love’. The name orgin comes from japan.
person 1: ‘who tf is that?’
person 2: ‘oh it’s Bokuto Koutaro’
person 1: ‘And what does it mean?’
person 2: ‘Dylan’s Love’
by bokutoisbae August 19, 2021
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