A wooden sword that is and was used to train samurai, other swordsmen, and nerds on youtube whose parents won't let them get a real sword.
The young samurai has earned his first bokken today.
by Woodsballer 4 Life January 8, 2009
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A bokken is a wooden sword usually used for sword training. When a student begins to work with a sword, he learns basic maneuvers with a bokken. However, the bokken can also be used as an effective weapon since it is made of strong, heavy wood. In fact, many Ninja preferred to use the bokken on a mission than a regular sword.
The reasons for this are that a bokken is lighter and easier to carry, there is no risk of cutting oneself, bokken are very easy to camouflage since they can be stained or painted, and, when using proper techniques, a bokken can easily break bones and damage internal organs.
by ♫ Highway to Hell ♫ July 17, 2011
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A bokken is a wooden sword of about the same weight as a katana (Japanese Sword). It was used in feudal Japan to train the Samurai. It is still in use nowadays, used in Kendo (and it's subsiduarys) for training alone.

Pronounced "Bo'ken" where the ' denotes a pause.
He took up his bokken and wandered into the mountains to train.
by Joseph Rothwell October 13, 2007
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A bokken is a katana made out of wood. It was used to train samurai in feudal Japan, and is now used in training for various other sword arts. Also known as a bokuto.
The swordsman handed the young lad his bokken, and training began.
by Slavakion June 25, 2004
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not a ninja. not even close to being a ninja. someone that pretends to be a ninja. that is a bokken.
bokken thinks he is a ninja, but he is not a ninja
by labpro referee November 3, 2006
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