semen after it's been in an asshole
Don't slip in that boebert.
by nzbs33k3r November 13, 2020
When a person burps and vomits slightly into their throat.
Woman: I just had a Boebert.

Man: What‘s that?
Woman: I just threw up in my mouth a little bit. I’m fine.
by Y’allQueda January 19, 2021
A person whose cognitive and social development stalled in early pubescence.
Did you hear her speech to congress? What a boebert!

I'm not a boebert, you're a boebert!
by Mall Ninja January 16, 2021
Person A: "Did you hear her husband exposed himself in a bowling alley and was arrested for lewd exposure?"
Person B: "Wow, her husband is a total boebert!"
by SaveAmericaBlessTroops November 19, 2021
Verb - To fail at something thoroughly by having done something incredibly stupid.
"Damn it, Lauren, you used the wiper fluid while we're driving a convertible! You really boeberted."

"I boeberted my job interview. They asked what made me leave my last job and I said my boss was a fucking idiot."
by MrZeg October 14, 2021
The shit you take after your first cup of coffee in the morning
"Boy was that a stinky Boebert"
"One minute, I'm finishing up my Boebert"
by DrJMontana June 15, 2022
A load of semen that has been deposited intranasally then hocked up and spit out or swallowed.
Gross! That looks like somebody's Boebert on the floor.
by Stmfitr February 20, 2021