While sitting at a bar and are unable to finish your beer or mixed drink, the act of giving a friend the rest of your drink as to not waste it. The giver must say "body of Christ" and hold out the glass or bottle with two hands and the receiver must also say 'amen' before drinking said drink.
"Hey man, I'm pretty drunk. I'll Body of Christ you the rest of this beer cause I don't want to waste it."
by BomberOU January 7, 2009
When you get a lady to kneel before you ejaculate while crossing her arms. You then spooge in her mouth and say "body of christ" forcing her to not waste it and swallow.
I had a spiritual time with susan last night where she accepted the body of christ
by Redbaron3:16 January 26, 2010
To eat Psyclobin mushrooms followed by LSD. Shrooms representing the body, and LSD representing the blood.

Most users of this combination have very profound religious experiences.
Last night me and my buddy took the body of christ, my life is changed forever
by C0SMIC September 16, 2008
Found in several different religions, bread is given to those who repent as "the body of christ"
Dear god! The body of christ is a little stale today...
by KrazyKate January 12, 2007