Being in the same room as another person while you both go about doing your own tedious tasks.
I have ADHD so body doubling with my friend helps me focus on my homework.
by Nymsnyms September 20, 2021
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When a male/female of the same race with similiar features proceeds to have sex with the same person, he/she has already had in a darkly lit room.
John had just sex with a girl with the lights off and when he finished he proceeded to go to the bathroom, as he did Tom slowly jumped in the bed, and had sex with her pulling a body double.
by $teller February 10, 2010
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The nicer, more respectful and less vulgar version of your true self. Used for business events or first impressions.
I had to meet Kayla's Mother so I brought my Canadian Body Double.
by Q_QUILLIAM May 12, 2016
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you’re high and u feel double feeling all over ur body it’s called double body
omg did u see eli ??? he’s double body
by beli June 28, 2021
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A term that describes the subconscious attraction to a person AND dating someone that embodies or replicates the last love interest almost identically in multiple ways. These characteristics include physical attributes alike, mental and emotional state, personality and speech traits, exertion or the act of doing something alike. The term essentially describes dating one's ex's twin or the ex's 'body double'.
She's totally 'body doubling' . There's no denying this new guy looks like Jake's twin brother!
by Miss Dvnt October 18, 2017
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