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The nicer, more respectful and less vulgar version of your true self. Used for business events or first impressions.
I had to meet Kayla's Mother so I brought my Canadian Body Double.
by Q_QUILLIAM May 12, 2016
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A situation in which a male engages in sexual intercourse with a older woman known as a MILF(Mom I'd Like to Fuck). This acronym then changes into MIF(Mom I Fucked). This term insinuates that one is planning on or has had sex with a said MILF.
Luke: Dude theres so many milfs around town during blossom.
Will: Ohhh yes yea, lets start droppin L's.
Andrew: This is my town.
by Q_QUILLIAM June 02, 2011
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The enclosed space from which a drug dealer sells their marijuana, which tends to be very low quality and overpriced. This tends to be a dorm room or a house found on or around a college campus.
Carl: Hey man you have any bud?
Jeff: Oh you know I got that piffy, step into my Joffice.
by Q_QUILLIAM December 04, 2010
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This is a term used to describe a McDonald's restaurant that is operated by a primarily African American staff.
Hey man wanna stop and Micky Dees?

No thats a BlackDonalds, my burger is always cold.
by Q_QUILLIAM December 04, 2010
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